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  1. Knowledge Base - a searchable area where you can find documents covering troubleshooting tips, diagrams, spec sheets and frequently asked questions -
  2. Live online training sessions are 30- to 90-minute computer and telephone conferences that offer a quick, no-cost overview of the basics of your SMART products -

  1. Notebook activities -
  2. SMART Exchange (teacher created activities) -
  3. Teachers' Hub -
  4. Training resources include Quick Reference guides, Hands-On Practice exercises and Two-Minute Tutorials –
  5. SMART web resources, Jeopardy template, novice & intermediate tutorials, and much more -
  1. Making math equations easier for students to understand.
    • Write each line of an equation in a different color. Students can then refer to the color of the line when they want an refer to a particular part of the equation. For example, a student might ask, “Would you please explain why you multiplied by X in the blue line?"

More SMART resources and interactive activities (attached):

Promethean ActivBoard Links

  1. Lesson plans and flip charts
  2. Online tutorials
  3. Tips:
    • To write on the Promethean Board while it's in video mode - right click on the page, choose insert, and then choose video placeholder.You should then be able to open the video in your flipchart and write on top of it.

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