This page contains helpful resources, websites, databases, blogs, lessons, video links and much more for all teachers in the Mathematics Department. Enjoy!

eCalc Online Scientific Calculator <--This link provides quick, easy, and free access to an online scientific calculator so that your students won't have to go out any buy one and serves as a great visual for classroom instruction via SMART Board or projector!

Math Playground *Measuring Angles" <-- Practice lining up and using a protractor while you measure a set of angles in this fun interactive learning activity!

KenKen Math Puzzle <--If you've ever seen sudoku. This site is a math-oriented version of that game. Kids can test their puzzle acumen while improving math skills.

Cool Math <-- Offers a collection of several math websites with online interactive activities. The games and teaching resources are top notch for ages 12 and up.

HotChalk's Math Resources<--Hotchalk’s lessons provide informative and detailed lessons with lesson plans, algebra, dates & times, estimation & rounding, fractions & percentages, geometry, graphing, number & number sense, and probability and statistics. Free printable worksheets and flashcards are also available.

Math Goodies <-- This link offers over 124 complete math lessons as well as printable worksheets, puzzles, articles, and a free newsletter.

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Algebra 1

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Algebra 2

Content Specific Links

  • Quadratic Equations
101 uses of a quadratic equation -

Other Resources

  • Equations of Lines
Writing Equations of Lines - Jeopardy PowerPoint - EquationsOfLines.ppt

Algebra 3-Trig

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Matrix Multiplication

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General Math

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