Science Department Resources

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This page contains helpful resources, websites, databases, blogs, lessons, video links and much more for all General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics teachers. Enjoy!

Virtual Physics Labs <--Here are any number of applets that simulate physics. What's unique about the link below is that the labs are photorealistic and allow students to conduct labs nearly the same as if they were doing it in the classroom.

Molecular Workbench <--Molecular Workbench offers interactive, visual simulations and activities that have been widely used in science teaching for students of all ages. The database covers basically everything; including general science, biology, molecular biology, physics, and chemistry.

Visualized Science Experiments <-- Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a peer reviewed, free access, online journal devoted to the publication of biological research in a video format.

DNAtube <--Watch, upload, and search for science related videos for free on, which is the same concept as

Virtual Museum of Molecular Workbench Models <-- A collection of interactive simulations and learning activities produced using the Molecular Workbench are provided at this site. All exhibits are results of calculations based on scientific principles (physics, chemistry, biology++)

Windows to the Universe <--This website has it all: teacher resources, space weather, myths, stories, art, history and people of space exploration, climate, polar regions, space images, multimedia, current news, earth, the solar system, the universe, life, geology, physics, journal tools, science history calendar, games and puzzles and more.

Science Teach-nology <--Teach-nology covers anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, environment, physics, and space. It offers lesson plans submitted by science teachers, worksheets, webquests, rubrics, printables, and "ideas that worked." This is a great resource for your classroom!

ALL High School Science Resources <--Provides links to general science, earth science, physics, chemistry and life science interactive activities, virtual labs, audio, video, PowerPoints and lessons.

Interactive Biology Sites <--An outstanding online resource that contains interactive resources for every topic covered in general or advanced biology.

Interactive Frog, Squid, Owl Pellet and Fetal Pig Dissections <--Offers free, interactive dissections that you can have your students do right on your SMART board or with a projector without causing a mess and paying for individual specimens. Definietly check it out!

3-D Brain Anatomy <--Allows you and your students to take a 3-D tour of the human brain.

DNA Workshop <--An interactive DNA workshop activity that allows students to virtually see DNA replication, protein synthesis and provides background information.

Electric Heart <--Provides an interactive map of the human heart, heart facts, virtual heart transplants, and the quest for creating an artificial heart.

Interactive Amusement Park- Physics <--This resource allows you and your students to create a roller coaster/amusement park based on the laws of physics. It is interactove and great to use with a SMART or Promethean board!